Linda Wilson
Facilitator and Conductor

Linda has studied at Transylvania College and Miami University. She has attended numerous workshops and college classes related to the health care field.

Background Information:
Linda has worked as an activity director and served as a consultant for social activity programs in nursing, assisted living and retirement homes in the Austin, Texas area for over 25 years.  She has been nationally certified along with training in volunteer recruitment.  Linda has held offices in the Capitol Area Social Activity Coordinator’s Association (CASACA), was a member of the first Governor’s Committee on Nursing Homes and served on a University of Texas panel concerning head injuries. She has presented numerous workshops on creative activities for long term care facilities.

Linda has the following to say:
“Being an Activity Director is the greatest job in the world. You give love and receive it back two-fold or more. It’s a job that requires creativity, organization, people skills, budgeting, community involvement, commitment, dedication, common sense and patience. That’s a lot isn’t it? But the rewards are the greatest. One resident once told me I was the biggest inveigler she knows. ‘Always trying to get residents involved, working on volunteers and looking for freebies.’

When a resident says ‘Thank you, I enjoyed that,’ or a family member says, ‘You’ve made such a difference in my father’s life. He has something to live for now,’ you know your job is worthwhile.”

James Wagner
Music Director

James has studied piano and music theory with Margaret Wyss, Ph.D. and Mary Betty Lathrop, M.A., for thirteen years; the cello and music theory at the University of Texas String Project, Phyllis Young, Ph.D., for four years; sound technology at St. Edwards University, Mary Moody Northern Theater with Ed Mangum, Director in Residence.

Background Information:
James is a musician with thirty years of professional experience, having performed for and with many of the top blues, rock, classical and jazz artists, television, stage and film entertainers, as well as studio session work for nationally distributed motivational tapes and artist recordings. His work in nursing, assisted living, adult day care, and retirement homes includes therapeutic music for each individual population he is playing for. With his knowledge and experience he is perfect for the position of Music Director for Joy and Action.

Linda says about James:

He truly believes when playing for any group, you must sense the feeling when you walk in and adapt your music to meet their needs. One resident in an Alzheimer unit said, “He is a true artist. He knows what we need and knows how to make us feel better!'”

His trademark is his infectious beat – toes tap and smiles appear.

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  1. darlene walker November 3, 2012 at 6:05 am #

    Hi Linda/James:
    My computer crashed and I lost a bunch of stuff including your e-mail address.

    I have two new videos for you if you’d like to see them.
    One – July 4 (you should hear the national anthem on chimes) and my latest Oct 22 “See you at the Movies”- – all movie themes from Exodus to “An Affair to Remember”

    If you’d like to see – sent me your e-mail and I’ll forward.

    Hope you all are doing well.

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