A Note of Sadness

James Wagner

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Joy & Action co-founder James Wagner. His music and passion for improving the lives and well-being of seniors were a major guiding force in the creation of this program. His spirit lives on in our hearts and the hearts of everyone touched by Joy & Action.

Messages of support and remembrances can be shared on his obituary.

We will continue to spread our vision and touch more lives through performances and appearances at conventions.

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Testimonial from an Administrator/former AD

December 2013

Testimony for the Joy & Action program from an Administrator

As a former activity director turned administrator, I am fortunate to know what an activity director’s job actually involves. Knowing what your residents like to do is the key to a successful activity department. Joy and Action hand bells not only provide a fun activity for the residents, but also an opportunity for them to go out into the community and play at area functions and be the best marketing team I could ever have. After each performance, our choir often gets the comment.” You guys look like you are having a ball!”. This is usually followed by “When I need a place to move to, do you have room for me?”

You have managed to combine two key components in keeping a facility full, happy residents and good marketing. Sometimes when I am away from the facility, I am approached by a stranger who will comment,” Aren’t you the guy who brought the hand bell choir to our church?” That is brand recognition in a nutshell. One of the benefits of playing for area churches is they often make a monetary donation to our facility( usually $50.00) just for coming and doing a 20 minute show. .That pays for your set of bells right there! Another neat thing is they feed you!

I can not thank you enough for providing such a wonderful product. Your hand bells have brought so much joy to our residents. I am so glad I stumbled on this hidden gem called Joy and Action.

I could have written a whole page on what the bells mean to our “Senior Saints” !

Eric Thompson
Shephherd’s Care Assisted Living
Greenville SC

The Joy and Action program can be found on www.joyandaction.com.  It is also sold on the Sea Bay Game Company catalogue sales at www.seabaygamecompany.com.  (Because they are a large company they can sell some of our things at a cheaper price but they do not handle our In the Garden CD.  It is a wonderful CD for the bell ringers to use for church or memorial services.  Many homes use it weekly.)  Check out our short videos on both sites and imagine your resident’s performing in costume!They love it. They have so much to give to others.


NJ Activity Directors Learning the Joy and Action program to take back to their homes – YouTube


Marilyn at her best! – YouTube


NJAPA Chicken Dance by Activity Director – YouTube


“Let Freedom Ring”



Heartland Bell Ringers celebrate America’s birthday July 6th at 7:00 p.m.!

Come join us for their patriotic program! Songstress Maryann Price will sing a few numbers accompanied by James at the piano and the fantastic resident bell ringers. Maryann is an inductee of the Texas Music Hall of Fame, a seasoned professional recording artist and entertainer. It will be a half hour full of surprises and spirit!

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What a great show the Heartland Bellrings put on!

They titled their program “Coming Home” since it has been years since bellringers at Heartland have performed for the public. It was powerful and wonderful. The bellringers were proud, the families had tears, and a good time was had by all. They showed they really can perform. There was a Surrey with a participant in a wheel chair, a baseball player for the song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, a bellringer with an umbrella pushed by the social worker shoe name is Kari Showers with a flower costume for “April Showers” and a bellringer costumed as the Statue of Liberty for “America the Beautiful”. See the pictures below on Flicker stream. Merry and Marcette, the activity directors, did a superior job working on this program. We are so PROUD of all of them!

Read what Vickie said about the performance.



May 11, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

Come join us for a half hour of joy and action! There will be lots of wonderful music, costumes, and bellringers making their musical debut! (Word is out that there may be a Surrey!)


Tami reports on progress of the Holy Rosary Healthcare “Cowtown Ringers”

Hello Linda!

Our Holy Rosary Healthcare “Cowtown Ringers” are still ringing away and loving every minute of it. The residents performed a couple of tunes in our hospital’s main lobby this past Christmas season and even brought some people to tears—the residents were awesome!

Our residents want to start a Birthday Gram program but we’re having a difficult time finding any appropriate recorded music for them to ring to.
Thanks so much,
Tami Young, Activities Director