May 11, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

Come join us for a half hour of joy and action! There will be lots of wonderful music, costumes, and bellringers making their musical debut! (Word is out that there may be a Surrey!)


A Montana Tale

We received a most wonderful letter from Tami Young – an Activity Director using the Joy & Action program in her home. We thought we’d share it with you:

Hello Linda and James!

I just had to send you a quick note to tell you how your program has been working for us way over here in Miles City, Montana. When I took your short seminar this past spring in Helena, I was certainly excited to buy the bells & program and get started, but I wasn’t really convinced by your many testimonials. They sounded a little too fantastic to be real. All I knew is I had just found a fun exercise program that someone without musical talent (me) could easily lead and teach to our residents.

We really had a lot of fun the first time we tried bells with the residents. They got a great workout while moving to the music. Then we all became a little more ambitious and decided to enter the group into the annual Miles City Bucking Horse Sale Parade. The Bucking Horse Sale is an event that spans 4 days every mid-May that includes horse auctions, rodeos, horse races, street dances, and a huge parade down Main Street. Thousands of people travel from all over the country for the event.

Our bell ringers, the Holy Rosary Extended Care Cowtown Ringers (a name they gave themselves), chose to play to the tune of “Happy Trails”. If you could have seen the pride on the faces of our residents as they earned applause and standing ovations all the way down Main Street. Every resident sat a little straighter in his/her wheelchair and chins were held so high…

We have one lady in the group that had a stroke a couple of years back and has been unable to use her left arm and hand. We would just prop the bell in her left hand and told her not to worry about missing the notes, just concentrate on hitting the notes with the right hand. During the last few practices before the big parade, this lady had the bell gripped in both hands and was ringing BOTH bells in perfect time with the music. Since then, she has been motivated to take up trying to play the piano again—something she had not done in several years! I now believe those testimonials I read about the Joy and Action bell ringing program—it is truly amazing to watch, and enormously empowering to the residents who participate!

The Cowtown Ringers have since performed at another big parade and their group photo earned a spot on the front page of our local newspaper. They have watched themselves on local TV and performed at hospital functions.

The Cowtown Ringers in action

Thank you, Linda and James, for such a wonderful program with such fantastic results. Add me to your list of true believers. Tami Young, Activities Director


Heartsongs Productions video

Hello! Check out the Joy and Action bellringing program in action!