You can do this

Red Bell = right hand
Blue bell = left hand

The residents mirror you, so your red bell is in your left hand and the blue is in your tight. Listen to the CDs over and over again so you will know when the music changes and stops. Plan shows – use a variety of costumes and props so that the residents can be more than just themselves. Name you bell ringing group – tap or stomp your feet, wiggle for crying out loud and never, never, never forget to SMILE! Be noisy, have fun, let your hair down – you’ll be surprised what their response will be. Now go out there and take on the day – be positive, be happy, be an awesome activity director with an awesome program that your peers will just wish they could match!!!

You can only succeed if you trying – Failure is the only option of not taking a chance. I know you can – You must at least think you can!!!

Iris Bowden ACC
Faculty Adjunt St. Phillips College
San Antonio, Texas