We offer seminars and workshops tailored to your needs. Participants will be challenged to play our rhythm bells. Every attendee will be given the opportunity to be part of a bellringing group.  Some will become conductors and lead their fellow class members.

This is a fun, joyful “hands on” time. The experience will stimulate your mind and creativity and it won’t be long before you can envision your residents enjoying exercise and moving more than PT can get them to move!

The second part of the  workshop will take the program a step further. We will talk about themes, music and costumes for performances and the way to make your bellringing group shine and be stars!  (Everyone loves to dress up and be someone else.) Personalities and hidden talents will open up.  By the end of this session some of the attendees will put on a performance including costumes. Joy & Action comes alive as there is always joy in action!

Sometimes residents are brought in and we work with them and the class together.  This is a great way to actually show the power of this program.  However, you will have to work out the details of transporting etc. We will welcome everyone.

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